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Print Offers Big Rewards to Membership Models

Excerpt from FOLIO - By Michael Winkleman :: September 13, 2018

...And while, like other magazine publishers, Costco has tried to interest readers in switching to a digital format [emphasis added], publisher Sandy Torrey notes that only 750,000 members—a small slice of the total readership—have moved in that direction. Instead, she says, the company routinely gets mail from members begging them to keep the print magazine going [emphasis added]...

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 Generation Z


Excerpt from MNI commissioned study:

"Gen Z may not distinguish between online and offline channels like other generations, but they do know there’s a difference between reading on-screen versus a printed page, and they pay attention longer when reading print. A recent survey found that 92% of college students would rather do their coursework in print than on tablets, and a Student Monitor survey found that 87% of student textbooks (purchase or rental) are for printed books. The same rules apply for media consumption: the MNI study found that Gen Z-ers spend more time reading physical newspapers and magazines without interruption than they do on social media, websites, and blogs."  

Full article from MNI Targeted Media Inc.

 2017 Travel Planning Habbits of AAA Members

The AAA Consumer Pulse™ Survey was conducted online among residents living in Minnesota from September 28, 2016 – October 6, 2016.  A total of 400 residents completed the survey.  Survey results have margin of error of ± 4.9 percentage points.  Responses are weighted by gender and age to ensure reliable and accurate representation of the adult population (18+) in Minnesota.

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 "AAA Magazine has enormous impact"

on Ticket Sales

The Power of print - Advertiser speaks directly to the effect AAA Magazine had on their event:

"Thank you for sending the copies of AAA Living with the Eventually Christmas article. And thank you so much for featuring it! I wanted to let you know that it had an enormous impact, with tickets selling very quickly when the magazine must have been delivered (last week), and we sold out all performances by Monday morning. We are thinking of adding an additional performance or two to accommodate demand."

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AAA Living Readers Participate in Casino Gambling.

The stats show that AAA Members travel more,
stay longer, spend more, and almost 30% of AAA living readers participated in Casino Gambling in the last 12 months...Learn More


  Young people still read print magazines

“Print is dead.” If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times.

These days it’s impossible to go a week without reading or hearing about how smartphones and tablets are replacing printed materials. But while it’s 100% true in many respects, there’s one medium where print still reigns: magazines.

There’s a common belief these days that only older people read magazines. Even if you’ve read about how custom magazines drive online sales and web traffic, you may be hesitant to spend time planning and launching a custom publication for your organization for fear of a slow and steady decline as the Baby Boomers get older.

The reality is, however, that there’s little evidence to support this misconception. In fact, the 2014 Magazine Media Factbook showed exactly the opposite: 91% of American adults read magazine media, and that number increases to 94% for adults under 35 and 96% for adults under 25. Read More

Don't Push Millennials; Build Trust, Gain Loyalty

According to a new study by RAPTmedia, consumers don’t trust content that’s pushed at them. They’re not relying on it when researching purchases. And nearly all consumers are going out of their way to avoid seeing it by blocking pop-up ads, disabling cookies, opting out of emails, and skipping pre-roll video ads....Read More

How AAA Delivers Baby Boomer Audience

MediaPost on Engaging:Boomers (Baby Boomers Are Noticing How You're (Not) Speaking to Them)

AAA Influences Travel Plans 

2015 Portrait of American Travelers

Peter Yesawich, keynote speaker at the Explore Minnesota Tourism conference, in Bemidji, on February 2nd, 2016
tells the audience that “Print is not Dead" and shares a slide similar to this in his presentation. He spoke on
Traveler Behavior and Upcoming Trends.

The chart below shows the data on sources considered for inspiration while planning their vacations.

Magazine articles rank 3rd in influencing vacation plans:

AAA Member Research Study

(Home & Away Reader Advisory Panel on Travel Planning)






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