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For the past 25 years Kollander has managed a successful sales territory across a wide variety of advertising mediums, in the Midwest region of the United States. Beginning in 1985, Jenny Kollander worked in the Travel Marketing Department of Northwest Airlines where she had the opportunity to travel the world, including Asia, Europe, and Australia. This background provided great insight into travel marketing sales, which has been an impetus for her success at Rickert Media, which she joined in 1989. She has consistently been a top performer in ad sales with each and every client she represented.

In 2001 Kollander incorporated and formed Kollander Media, a marketing sales/consultant firm. Working closely with Rickert Media she continued to concentrated her sales efforts within the Travel category. She currently represents  AAA Magazine Network, Canadian Automobile Association's Westworld titles, and .

Other titles she has been responsible for include Discover America Travel Guide, DiscoverAmerica.com, Canadian Travel Press Weekly, Historic Traveler, and Great Lakes Group Tour Magazine.

In 2008, Kollander Media began  representing JackRabbit BookDirect - an online accommodations/availability and pricing engine which improves website functionality and usability in order to enhance the visitor’s experience.






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