Jenny Kollander-Kasbohm 

Jenny Kollander-Kasbohm

Jenny Kollander-Kasbohm

With a major in marketing, Kollander worked in the Travel Marketing Department of Northwest Airlines where she had the opportunity to travel the world, including Asia, Europe and Australia.

This background and love for travel provided great insight into related marketing sales, which has been an impetus for her success.

Much of Kollander's focus has been within the Travel category and has been representing AAA Magazine Network for over 25 years, the Canadian Automobile Association's Westworld titles, and the USA Travel Guide (Brand USA). Other titles she has been responsible for include Canadian Travel Press Weekly, Historic Traveler, and Great Lakes Group Tour Magazine.

Her career in advertising sales began as an independent representative with Rickert Media in 1989.

Kollander Media

Kollander Media Logo

In 2001 she founded Kollander Media to provide a wider range of advertising services to her customers.


Mike Kasbohm

Mike Kasbohm

At that time her husband Mike Kasbohm took on a role as a consultant providing technical support, website development, and implemented new customer acquisition strategies utilizing the internet and rapidly changing digital opportunities.

Mike was also the co-founder of SpecTech, incorporated in 1993 to develop and market his new product idea inventions..

Mike is now spear heading Kollander Media's representation of [Think] Digital Signs, applying not only his background in construction/project management, but also his broad understanding and experience in sales consulting and marketing.

In 2009 Kollander Media helped launch sales efforts for JackRabbit BookDirect - Now a widely used booking/search engine for DMO websites.

Kollander's experience in representing print and digital mediums over the past 25 plus years, provides her great insights to assist her clients in developing ad programs with a true marketing mix.

Regarding the Senior Market & Kollander's Experience

Kollander’ experience in representing travel and historic publications and studying related demographics, combined with her personal interest in working with the senior market, led her to involvement as a partner and marketing consultant for AgeRight Retrofit, Inc. from 2009-2014, a company specializing in products and home modifications for seniors.

She also sat on the board of Metro Area Senior Workers Association (MASWA) from 2011-2014.








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